About Us

B.B.McBee was created to become a lovable character that everyone will enjoy and learn from. B.B McBee’s main goal is to serve as a role model and highlight ways of helping our environment. We also hope that through our series of storybooks featuring B.B.McBee, we will encourage parents and children to spend time together. Storybook subjects will help open the lines of communications for families to discuss difficult topics and to embrace life experiences.

The B.B. McBee stories take place in beautiful Enchanted Garden, where all his friends live. B.B. McBee flies around Enchanted Garden promoting his belief in protecting the environment, doing the right thing, being kind to all beings, and having good values. He believes in being true to oneself and living harmoniously with each other. He is a problem solver, a true friend to all, and shares his beliefs in a way that touches everyone whether they are a child or an adult.

Children and adults will enjoy the B.B.McBee Fly Right adventures and benefit from his wisdom.