The Mysterious Mud

bb stickerOne day B.B. McBee woke up and decided to fly around Enchanted Garden. It was his favorite place to fly. It was also his home so he and his friends did their best to protect it. B.B. McBee had lots of friends.

One of them was AquaBee and B.B. McBee thought it would be a fine day to be with her. So he flew towards her hive with a big smile on his face!

When he got there they decided to fly around Enchanted Garden. Off they flew!
Before too long they came upon a very upset Bumblebee. They saw that he was stuck in some mud. They helped him out of it. He cried, “I always land here and this mud has never been here before!”

“How could this happen?” wondered B.B. McBee. But AquaBee knew.

She said, “There must be a water leak somewhere. Let’s go find it!”

They searched the area and sure enough, they came upon a place where a faucet stood dripping water. The water was flooding the field where the Bumblebee had landed.

B.B, McBee and AquaBee fixed the leaking faucet.

B.B McBee said, “We must continue to help others FLY RIGHT. Everyone needs to fix water leaks if they have one. And everyone needs to take good care of our special water and not waste it.”